Setup a School Tour

Setup a School Tour & First Lesson (Free)

This is the perfect way for you to get acquainted with our academy, have your child take their first lesson, meet the instructor, and find out which program is perfect for you.

  • Tour the Academy
  • Meet the Instructor
  • Your child will do a brief first lesson
  • See the program in action
  • Review the programs
  • Enroll for the upcoming school year


``Sensei`` Michael HodgeInstructor
I look forward to meeting you and your child. In the first lesson, I will teach some martial arts basics, while getting a feel for how we can help your child succeed in our academy!

Setup a School Tour & First Lesson
We'd love to meet you in person and show you the academy. Please fill out the info below and we will get back to you lightning fast. Usually within 2-6 hours on a weekday.